Kids want a “Junior Facebook” for under-13s as research shows British children more likely to be on Facebook than American kids

07 February — An Independent survey of 2,000 children in the UK and America has found that 44 per cent of British 8-12 year-olds access Facebook compared to only 37% in America. While high number of UK and US children are using ‘grown up’ Facebook, a staggering 78% of children with a Facebook account would like a ‘junior Facebook’ specifically for under-13s. This is despite Facebook saying they have no interest in this market. 66% of six year-olds are aware of FB 23% of eight-year-olds access FB

October 2011

  1. Oct 31

    Children´s book publisher moves into virtual worlds

    Virtual world development studio, Dubit, has been appointed by Finnish Publisher, Dramaforum, to partner with them in developing a virtual world for their Petra’s Planet franchise, which originates from their children´s book series Petra. In a move to bring these stories to life online, Dramaforum is using a specialist digital entertainment platform created by Dubit. Its narrative scripting language or “Adventure Engine” allows children to visit the countries in a browser-based virtual world.

May 2011

  1. May 09

    Location services failing to grab teen’s attention

    Research into services such as Foursquare and Facebook’s Places by youth communications agency, Dubit, shows that nearly half of 11-18 year-olds have not heard of the likes of them. 67% of young people that have heard of them don’t use them and a significant proportion of respondents don’t see the point and feel they are unsafe. Key Figs • 48% of teens have not heard of Places, Foursquare, or other location services • 58% of teens who have heard of location services don’t see the point