Dubit works with children's entertainment brands to research, build, and market new digital experiences. Harnessing a kid-focussed approach to development, Dubit puts young people at the centre of the design process by involving them throughout the design and production of the world or app.

Formed in 2000, Dubit has been working with global brands to create digital experiences that children love. Dubit’s research services have been employed by the likes of Mind Candy, Disney and Sky, and its game development studio created the first browser-based multiplayer virtual world for Cartoon Network and the BBC.

Among many current projects, Dubit is currently developing a virtual world to accompany the forthcoming Legends of Oz movie and providing research and development services for an educational project for American network PBS.

For more information on other Dubit projects, visit: http://www.dubitlimited.com/projects.

Dubit is committed to making the internet a safe and enjoyable environment for children. Dubit were founder members of the Internet Taskforce on Child Protection, and advise on ethical marketing for brands around the world.